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Friday, October 1, 2010


Abbreviations used in the texts of this blog:

acc. accounts
adj. adjective
A.D.Anno Domini (in the year of the Lord)
adv. adverb
Alavés, an extinct Basque dialect that was spoken in Álave one of the three Basque provinces in Spain. Vitoria is the capital.
And Andalus, Andalusian
Anón, Anónimo
Anon, Anonymous
Ar. Arabic
Arag Aragonese
AS Anglo Saxon
Ast Asturian
AUT Real Academia Española Diccionario de Autoridades

b. born
BAE Biblioteca Autores Españoles
Bable, indigenous language spoken in the principality of Asturias and the provinces of Leon, Zamora and Salamanca of Celtic and Iberian origin.
Barb. Barberry
Basq Basque
B.C. before Christ
BieBierzo (León)
BNCL Biblioteca Nacional de España
BNE Biblioteca Nacional de Chile
Burg Burgos

C Centigrade, Century
c cup
ca approximate dates
Cantb Cantabria
Cap Capítulo
Cast Castellan
Cat Catalan
Celt Celtic
cg centigram
Chron. Chronicles
cm centimeter
Co. Company

Dial dialectic
Dicc Diccionario
Dict dictionary
+ died
dim diminutive
Dir. Director
D.L. Depósito Legal, Copyright
doz dozen

E east, eastern
E.Ar. Early Arabic
e.g. exempli gratia (for example)
Ed. Editor or edition
Enci. Encyclopedia
Ency. Encyclopedia
Ency Brit The New Encyclopædia Britannica
Eng. English
Espasa Enciclopedia universal ilustrada europeo – americana.
Estr Estremanian
et. al. et alii (and others)
etc. et cetera (and so forth)

F. Fahrenheit
fo. folio
ft or ' foot, feet
Fr French
Fr-Norm French-Norman
fr. from
ftn. footnote

gal gallon 
Gall Gallician
GE Gran Enciclopedia
glos. glossary
Got Gothic
Gr. Greek
Gu Guipúzcoa

Heb. Hebrew
Hind. Hindustani
Hisp Ar. Hispano Arabic

i.e. id est (that is)
“ inch, inches
Inc. Incorpoarted Company
Ir. Irish

J Jaén

Knights Tales of the Arabian Knights

l. line (of a stanza) 
L. Latin
LL Late Latin
lb. Pound
Leon Leonese
LL Late Latin
LL.D. (L. Legum Doctor) Doctor of Laws
lt. liter

ME Middle English
MEAr. Middle East Arabic
Md medical
Med. medieval
Mozar. Mozárabic
Moro Moroccan
mrs maravedí
MS Manuscript
MSS Manuscripts
Mur Murcia

Nav Navarra
Neo L. Neological Latin
n/d no date
N North, northern
n. noun

obs. obsolete
O Cast. Old Castellan
OE Old English
OLeon Old Leonese
OXF Oxford
oz. ounce(s)

p. page 
Per. Persian
Pers. Personal
Ph.D. (L. PhilosophiæDoctor) Doctor of Philosophy
pl plural
P. Portugues
pres. indic. Present Indicative
pres. subj. Present Sujunctive

qt quart 

RAE, Diccionario de la Real Academia Española

S.A. Sociedad Anónima (Incorpoarted Company)
Sal Salamanca
Sans. Sanskrit
Sant, Santander, extinct Basque dialect in the province of Cantabria in northern Spain on the Atlantic coast of which Santander is the capital.
Sc. Scottish
Seph. Sepahrdi
Sev Sevillan
S South, southern
Sp. Spanish

tbsp(s) tablespoon(s)
tsp(s) teaspoon(s)
Trans. Translator
Turk. Turkish

v. verb
viz. videlicet, ‘namely’
Vol(s). Volume(s)
vulg. vulgar

W West, Western

Zam Zamora

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