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Saturday, October 23, 2010


RELIEF. BAKHUS (Water Fountain Facing West)
Photo By: Wellych

water. Avenzoar stated that water should be drunk when the food has settled in the stomach. Pure water is preferable. He continued to state that it is not good to drink cold water during meals, especially during warm seasons. The best waters are those from fountains facing west. During the Middle Ages, water was discouraged on the pilgrim route of St James in Spain. Since it has been found that water along the route can be fine but the changes in the mineral content from one area to another can disrupt the stomach. In medieval times pilgrims were advised to drink wine. Today, they are encouraged to drink mineral water but to always buy the same brand. [Ibn Zuhr/García Sánchez. 1992:130]

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  1. Comment from Ana Valdes: The Indian ecologist Vandana Shiva wrote a book called "Water Wars", worth to read, about the struggle for the strategical control of the world's biggest water acquifers. The Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine is not so much about historical or political reasons but about control of the water. The Israeli agriculture is totally based on water taken from the land controlled by Palestina and Jordan, the Jordan river. The future control of the palestinian sources is one of the biggest hinders to an independent Palestinian state. When I was in Gaza the most appalling thing was the permanent shooting of Israeli soldiers against water purification stations. When they became military targets is still a riddle for me.