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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Photo by: by CGoulao
amphora. 1. Two handed clay vessel or jug. It is long and has lips at the mouth. The bottom of the jug is pointed. It was used for serving wine, water, oil and sauces. Amphorae were used in the Alhambra for boiling honey with wine and serving it immediately. 2. a clay vessel with a neck and round bottom, large enough to contain approximately 21 kilos of a dry measure of grain. It was used for general storage of garum, olive oil and wine and could be closed airtight. Further, it was used for shipping transporting from one country to another. Amphorae were manufactured in places adjacent to areas where garum or the other products were produced like Cartagena. Amphorae have been found in the Mediterranean off the coast of Israel from the 1st C AD with traces of garum in them. [Bolens. Cuisine. 1990:163; and ES: Hanson. Apr 25, 02]

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