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Monday, November 28, 2011


Fabaceae: Vicia lutea (Yellow-vetch) 07Jun07
Photo by: Moonmoths
L. Vicia lutea, Eng. yellow vetch. It is an annual legume growing 20-50 cm. high. It is common in the eastern half of Spain, the largest producer being Barcelona, but it grows all over. According to Gázquez, it was used more frequently than bitter vetch (see arveja) to make pottages and eaten as a form of penitence. During the famine in Castile 1434-35, vetch was reduced to flour and consumed instead of bread. It was also used in Muslim Spain during times of crisis. Like garlic, it was considered to be a peasant product. [Castro. Alimentación. 1996:116:149:151:201:204:205; Enci Espasa. 1996:6:ARD:617; and Gázquez. Cocina. 2002:67]

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