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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


OCast açotārlo, Eng to beat it. In the case of cat meat, it is buried to break down the fibers to tenderize it. As this, however, is not enough, the cat meat is beaten until it can be chewed easily.  [Nola. 1989:xlii-2; and Nola/Pérez. 1994:189-190]


Young and Tender
Photo by: Lord-Williams

1 fat cat (this can be substituted with 2 rabbits or kid goat)
1 qt olive oil
4 garlic cloves mashed
1/2 c broth


Select a fat cat and slit its throat. After it has died cut off the head and through it way for it is said that he who eats its brains will loose his mind. Clean it. Slit it open and remove the entrails. Wrap it in a clean linen an bury it in the ground leaving it for one day and one night. Place it on a spit. Baste it with olive oil mixed with 2 garlic cloves mashed and begin roasting it. While it is roasting continue basting it and whip it continually with a green twig. When roasted, carve it in the same way as a rabbit or kid. Place it on a platter. Mix ½ c olive oil with ½ c broth and 2 garlic cloves mashed. Pour this over the meat and serve.


  1. POOR BRAD!!!!
    I remember the day I brought him into the house and can't suffer to see him facing this recipe.I imagine in case of severe famine he should find it very hard to scape, but let's be confident his Andes ancestors would give him the strength...
    Anyhow, serving cat instead of rabbit or hare must have been very common, as the phrase "dar gato por liebre" proves; many people are diffident of eating rabbit because they think it can be cat, even if rabbits are nowadays grown in farms and are more easy (and cheap) to have than cats... That's one of the reasons why rabbits are sold with their heads, to make some people more confident.
    The procedure of beating the meat to make it tender is employed also with the octopus, for instance.

  2. C ats seem to be as prolific as rabbits. The difference is that Brad, the kitten in the photo, kills rodents and insects thus winning a place in the home of his owners. Other cats are not so fortunate. They have no homes and are hunted and killed for food for the needy like rabbits. As Nola indicates with this recipe, cats were eaten by upper classes in the Middle Ages like rabbits.
    But have no fear, Brad would have to be very naughty to have his throat slit!