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Friday, April 13, 2012


Leon barrila, Eng jug. 1. an unglazed earthenware circular medium size jug, with a short neck and a handle on the top with two openings. One is a spout for drinking and the other on the opposite side is for filling the jug water or wine. 2. an unglazed earthenware amphor shaped pitcher with a wide spout and two handles. It is used to store fresh drinking water. Both types of jugs are kept in cool places in the home. Due to refrigeration they are not as common today as in times before electricity.  [Ares. “Comidas.” 1994:103; Dialecto. 1947:155; and Gázquez. Cocina. 2002:41]

Botijo, queso y chorizo
by Gusulabu 
by dtodaf

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