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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Nachani (Marathi: नाचणी)
(African Millet)
by dinesh_valke
Arabian porridge made with millet bread. It is not known if this dish originated in the Maghreb or in Andalusia but in Cordoba, it was a basic form of nutrition until the fall of the last caliph there in 1031. The Hispano-Arab culinary dish continued to be made in other parts of Al-Andalus. Bulyāt was a favorite dish of  Ibn al-Azraq of Malaga's (1428-1491), Chief Judge in Granada. Although millet porridge is known to have been a primary foodstuff in Africa it does not appear that a recipe for bulyāt has survived. Millet is gluten free and non-fatting. Perhaps that is why birds love it! [Castro. Alimentación.1996:177 and ES: Castro. “The Role” Aug 3, 03]

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