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Monday, November 19, 2012


Cervato en invierno
Photo from: mrosacm

OCast enodio, 3-5 year old deer. [Villena/Calero. 2004:22b]


3 lbs venison or beef steak, cubed into 1” pieces
1 c. wine vinegar
1 c. cold water
1 onion, sliced
1 bay leaf
2 whole cloves
1 garlic clove
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
6 slices of bacon
¼ c lard
3 onions sliced
1 ¼ c dry red wine
2 c baby mushrooms 

No one could tell it was beef!
It melts in your mouth!
Photo by: Lord-Williams

Test the fat by removing a piece and frying it in a frying pan. If it tastes like mucky marsh water remove all the fat from the deer. If the fried fat tastes good, keep the fat on it. 

Remove all the internal organs including the spleen and lymph nodes.

Marinate the meat in vinegar, water, 1 onion and spices for 3 days, turning each day.

PREHEAT OVEN TO 300º F/ 150º C

Melt the lard in a roasting pan. Line it with bacon. Add the deer with the marinade. Combine the remaining ingredients in a large bowl and pour them over the deer. Roast uncovered for 4 hrs.

[1] When over 65 and pursuing his hobby of gardening, Ran bought a rifle for the first time in his life to settle matters with the deer. After a hard morning planting 50 pansies, he went to the kitchen, fixed a sandwich. Sat down at the kitchen table and on the other side of the window were 6 deer muching on the pansy flowers in the flower box. He found this ancient recipe among his ancestor's belongs and had it ready for his wife to roast the beast. After years of waiting for him to shot just one deer, she broke down and made this recipe with beef!

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