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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Chorizo Mixture with Medieval Ingredients
Photo by: Lord-Williams
chorizo, seasoned pork sausage. It has been considered bad luck to slaughter animals on a bad day since time immemorial. If sausages are stuffed on a rainy day, they will be soggy and bland. All medieval sausage recipes, therefore, begin with: “On a clear day,” chop lean and fatty pork, mixed with sifted flour, garum, peeled garlic, ground nutmeg, long pepper, coriander, lavender, cinnamon, white wine and salt to taste. After this was thoroughly mixed, it was coved and left to marinate for one and a half days. Then this mixture was is stuffed into the intestines of a cow or pig and smoked. Some150-200 years after the discovery of America, cayenne pepper was incorporated into Spanish cooking. Then long pepper and wine were substituted by it for its preservation factors. Further, flour, marinating and smoking were omitted with its arrival. Because of this, sausages today can be made immediately after the slaughter not 36 hours later. See chicos. [Ares. “Comidas.” 1994:112; Fernández González.1994:192; Fernández Muñiz. 1994:187; Gancedo. 1994:171; Serradilla. 1993:63-66; Sutil. 1994:163; Trapiello. 1994:139; and Villar. 1994:181]

Inés and Inés, Jr. Washing Intestines
Photo by: Lord-Williams
For 4 servings      

1 lb pork butt ground       
1 tsp coarse sea salt       
1 tsp white pepper 
1 tsp macerated murri[2]        
¼ c white wine
2 garlic cloves mashed     
1 tsp nutmeg       
1 tbsp chopped cilantro       
1 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp dried lavender mashed
1 tbsp flour      
washed sausage casings
string for tying 
¼ c virgin olive oil   

Tying Sausage Links
Photo from: Lord-Williams

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, tightly cover and refrigerate 10 hours.

Stuff the mixture into sausage casing or make patties. For sausages, tie in links as per photo. Fry in olive oil.

[1] See blog titled Almorí macerado published on August 29, 2012 for recipe.
[2] Paprika and cayenne pepper are not included as they are New World products. Wine is used instead.

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