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Monday, July 29, 2013


Meat from a Leg of Lamb Prepared for Stuffing
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Ar. al-shiwā al-faranji, Eng. roast of lamb, Frankish roast, but note in England it is roast mutton from the Fr. mouton. Julio Camba explains that the English did not have good meat until the Norman invasion in 1066. Since good cuts bare names derived from the French word. During the Middle Ages, Europeans roasted lamb whole and the Spanish basted it with sesame oil and rosewater. The Anon Andalus provides two recipes for roasting whole stuffed lamb. As lamb was tougher than today, it was recommended to marinade it first as a general rule. Baby lamb was roasted while mutton was boiled. See borrego and lechazo.  [Anón/Huici.1966:26:27:28 etc; Black. Food. 1985:10; Conversations with Manuel Vías Guitián. May 2013;  and Gázquez. Cocina, 2002:152]

Adding This Sumptuous Stuffing to the Meat
Photo by: Lord-Williams
For 4 persons


1 leg of lamb[1]

For the stuffing[2]
1 tbsp sheep fat[3]
1 onion chopped
1 tsp coriander
1 c shredded cheese[4]
½ c almonds
Folding the Meat Over the Stuffing One Side at a Time
Photo by: Lord-Williams
½ c walnuts
1 tsp murri[5]
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp white pepper
1 shaving of ginger
olive oil
wheat starch[6]


Remove meat from a small leg in one piece. Slice it to thin it out and then stuff it.

Mix the fat, onion with cilantro, coriander and cheese. Mix this with cinnamon, pepper and ginger. Mash all together in a mortar. Then knead it. Add ground nuts. Knead until all is well mixed.

The Roast Tied and Ready to Pop into the Oven
Photo by: Lord-Williams

Fill the meat with stuffing. Fold it over and tie it shut. Grease the outside with olive oil and dust with wheat starch. Heat it in a tannur or oven proof pan and cover it. Cook for one hour and remove the lid to let the roast brown for 1/2 hour.[7]

[1] Although the recipe calls for the breast or side of lamb, a leg was used due to a small oven and family.
[2] This stuffing is so good that it can be made without meat and baked for a half hour. It is so delicious that it beats side dishes like potatoes and tomatoes.
A Dish for Kings, Caliphs and Emperors
It is so Delicious!
Photo by: Lord-Williams
[3] If not available use butter.
[4] Perry states: “cheese ...[word illegible because of a worm hole, Huici Miranda writes; probably an adjective describing the cheese such as "fresh"]” but cheese is not mentioned in the available Huici text. A mixture of cheeses was add by the Medieval Spanish Chef as they happened to be on hand. They included Parmesan, Gruyere and Manchego. This really enhanced the flavor of the stuffing!
[5] See blog titled almorí published August 25, 2011.
[6] White wheat flour was used.
[7] The olive oil and flour covering step is not necessary for today’s cuts. When the roast is done, remove it from the roasting pan and make a gravy in it by heating it on a burner and adding 1 c water and 3 tbsp breadcrumbs gradually, stirring constantly until sauce thickens.   

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