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Friday, September 13, 2013


Photo by: Lord-Williams
OCast cresol, criesuela, -o, Eng. candle drip plate for candle wax or oil from oil lamps. [Berceo. Libro. 1983:272:2565; and Autoridades. 1979:I:A661]

Stanza 2565
Novembrio secundía a los puercos las landes,
Caera dun roure, levavanlo en andes
Compiezan al criesuelo velar los aveçantes,
Ca con las noches luengas, los dias no tan grandes.

November persues the pigs, the acorns
Will fall from the oak to wash the coffins.
With the candle dripping tray the slaughter team begins the vigilance.
For the nights are long and the days not so great.

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