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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Stuffing Instestine with A Modern Sausage Stuffer
Photo by: Lord Williams
to stuff intestines with a mass (choricera or morcillera) in sausage making. 

When ready for stuffing, the intestines were filled by hand or by means of a stuffing horn by inserting the smaller end of the horn into the opening of the casing and then gently pushing the stuffing through this with one hand. The other hand controls the distribution of the stuffing. 

Stuffing and Hanging Sausages
Photo by: Lord-Williams

Overstuffed sausage, upon tying the links, will break the intestinal skin but the sausage cannot be flabby. It must be tight. After tying the links, the intestine is pricked with pins and then tied around the intestine at various distances to make links. 

Finally the string used to tie the end of the intestine was tied to the other end and the sausage is hung with this. This system continues to be used today with machines for filling sausages.  [Pers. Memories. Slaughters Mostoles. 2000:2001:2003; and Serradilla. 1993:142]

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