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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Holm Oak, Wilton House, Withshire
Photo from: Chris Guise
L. Quercus ilex, Fr. chêne vert, Eng. holm oak, evergreen oak, a southern European evergreen with holly-like leaves. In Spain, it grows in most areas, except in the west and northwest, and up to 2,000 m. in the Sierra Nevada of Granada. Economically, this is one of the most important trees growing in Iberia. The wood has been used over the ages to make kitchen furniture and utensils and has even been used as fire wood. Also this tress is called the “acorn tree” as it produces both sweet and bitter fruits, see bellota for uses. It has nectar flowers that bloom in Spain from the first week in August through September. In the fall the tree produces cesin sap see miel mielada. Also see águila, alcornoque, bocios, castañas asadas, cecina, colmena, flor del vino, montanera, pata negra, and tupino. [Bodelón. 1994:72; and Silva. 1994:174:176]

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