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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The Beauty of Emeralds Takes Away the Breath of All Beholders!
Photo by: Lord-Williams

emerald. A precious stone which Villena recommended to be worn in a ring on the ring or baby finger while serving meals or eating as a protection against ills, poison and polluted air. It was thought to ward off evil sorcery. Avenzoar claimed it fortified the mouth and stomach, stopped vomiting and reanimated the system. If poison is swallowed he recommended the weight of nine grains of emerald be embibed in a drink to stop the action of the poison. If worn as a ring it scared away poisonous snakes. See manos, comer con. [Ibn Zuhr/García Sánchez. 1992:123:150; and Villena/Calero. 2002:16:11a]

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