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Monday, August 18, 2014


Barrel of Montilla wine, showing the "flor"
Photo from Chris Juden
yema de mosto, "flor" of wine, yolk of must, a natural yeast. As they age in barrel, they develop a layer of a, yeast-like growth that helps protect the wine from excessive oxidation. It is formed in grape skins, pits and stems, collected from the first pressing of grapes and aged in the barrel while becoming a orujo, a grappa. This is aged in oak for two to six years. The alcohol content is between 16.5-50%. It is said to be drunk “to kill the [intestinal] worm[s].” It is a killer of a drink! See encina. [ES: Sherry. May 15, 04; and Pacho. “Cocina.” 1994:156]

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