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Friday, January 23, 2015


Drink Ribera, Drink Spain.
Photo from: Ribera_wines
gustativa, adj. relative to the sense of taste. In wine tasting it is the third phase, also called “the attack,” in Spanish.

During the first phase of wine tasting the glass is tilted and visually examined for its clarity, color, the intensiveness of the color, fluidity and efflorescence. Secondly, it is smelled for its aroma, such as nutty, spicy or fruity and for its weakness or strength. In the third phase, it is tasted during which time it is left to sit in the mouth for a few seconds and then for 10-15 seconds it is swished around slowly while the taster judges it for its flavor, sweetness or dryness, acidity and astringency. The fourth and final stage is post-tasting, after the wine has been swallowed or spit out. During which time the taster analyses the length of the aftertaste and other sensations during this time. [ES: Iniciación. Apr 27, 04; and Tapiello. 1994:157]

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