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Monday, February 29, 2016


Photo by: Lord-Williams
1. coned shaped net or cloth sieve. 2. handle. 3. L. Mangifera indica, Ar. ’anba, Fr. mangue, Eng. mango. This is a tree, providing shade, living more than 300 years, growing to 20-30 m. in height and producing a short and thick yellow oblong tropical fruit with a thick rind. It comes in two sizes. One is as big as a goose egg and can weigh 2lbs. The other is the size of a plum. It should not be eaten until completely ripe. The juicy pulp has a somewhat sweet, acid, citronic and cooling taste that melts in the mouth. In the center is a hard pit.

It is a native Burma and eastern India. It is known to have existed from the 4th and 5th C BC. The Indians collected it when it was ripe and preserved it by pickling in water, salt and vinegar, which made it taste like an olive.

Mixing Mango and Honey with Yogurt
Photo by: Lord-Williams
By the 10th C the tree existed in East Africa and in the 14 C. a huge mango tree was recorded beautifying the gardens at Villa
al-Qarawiyyîn in southern Andalusia, then occupied by the Arabs. This indicates that the Arabs, who then controlled the trade routes from India, brought it to Iberia and they successfully cultivated these trees there.

Like the Indians, the English use mangos to make chutney or pickle them. No other methods have been discovered to preserve the ripe fruit.

Indians use the wood of the tree for house and shipbuilding. In Malaya the skins and seeds are used to treat hemorrhoids, intestinal worms and uterine hemorrhages. During famine, the seeds are eaten. In India cows are fed the leaves and then their urine is collected to use as yellow dye, especially in oil paints. The gum from the trunk is mixed with egg white and opium to treat dysentery in India. [Castro. Alimentación. 1996” 171; and ES: “Mango.” May 15, 2004]


Simply Surprising
Photo by: Lord-Williams


3 c yogurt
3 medium sized mangos

¼ c honey

2 tbsp chopped mango
sprigs of mint


Peel the mangos and chop them. Set 2 tbsps aside for garnish.

Mix the remainder of the mangos and the honey with the yogurt and chill. Before serving sprinkle with the chopped mango for garnish and crown this with sprigs of mint. 

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