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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Malmesy Wine
Photo by: Lord-Williams
MEng malvoisie Eng malmsey, Madeira, wine of passion, a wine made with malvasia grapes, which are sweet and fragrant grapes. During the Crusades, the shoots were imported to Spain from the Aegean Islands by the Catalans. After that, they were grown in San Miguel de Montañán and Sahagún (León).

Today, this type of grape prevails in several areas of Spain, especially Sitges. It is not known if San Martín wine, mentioned by Nola was malmsey or another type.

Malmsey wine was a very popular import in England during the Middle Ages. It is said that George, 3rd Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV, liked it so much that he drowned in a keg of it on February 18, 1478. See uvas de malvasía [ES: George III. Feb 18, 04; Nola. 1989:xxxix-1; and Nola/Pérez. 1994:201-202]

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