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Monday, April 11, 2016


Fang Necklace from a Pig Weighing 1 Ton
Too Precious to Munched
Photo by: Lord-Williams
ivory. This is the hard white substance in husks and teeth. Avenzoar claimed that shavings of ivory were ingested by men and women before having sex the woman would become pregnant. [Ibn Zuhr/García Sánchez. 1992:125]


  1. Horrible this is the reason the elephants are chased by poachers...

  2. The fangs in the photo are not from an elephant but from a pig weighing over 1 ton that was sacrificed in order for the owners to have food during the winter months. Every part of the pig's body were put to use including the hair to make brushes.

  3. Sue I was not reacting to the photo (quite lovely) but to thr fact about ivory and elephants. The other day poachers went into a national park and killed and maimed 600 elephants! Btw I lOve your blog and twitter often about it!

  4. Your are absolutely correct. In Spain, however, elephants are not an issue for their non-existence in the 15th century. If they existed at all, they were gifts to the king and were kept with other exotic animals in the king's palaces.

    Many types of deer and other wild animals were killed for their fur and their meat laid to waste. As a result their species led to their non-existence. There we have a legitimate case but we are talking about 600 years ago at least.

    As today killing off animal species is the work of very wealthy men who go overboard in their lust to glorify themselves with their conquests as happened in the Middle Ages.

    On the other hand campaigns to control the survival of the fittest goes overboard.

    I don't believe in torturing animals but I disagree with animal rights advocates interfering the survival of the fittest.

    1. Ana,

      Thank you so much for your compliments. You as a writer know and appreciate it as much as I when one single acknowledgement is received! Whooh - you made my day!