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Friday, May 13, 2016


Bone marrows and toast
Photo from: Clkao
Ast medulla, marrow, pulp, see cañas. It was thought that if bear marrow was drunk it would transmit rabies from the animal, see orujo. In Castile and León, trout heads, at least, were discarded but the bones were toasted and passed around to guests as a delicacy to nibble, they were called “marrow” bones, although fish have none.

Pennyroyal flowers mixed with marrow from veal was used to cure piles and stop pain, see poleo. Although the Al-Andalus prescribed meat and marrow to strengthen patients suffering from Farmer’s Lung Disease during the Middle Ages, there was no cure, see anginas del esparto. Pliny wrote that the marrow from cow bones softens hard stomachs, see vaca. [Alonso Luengo. 1994:41]

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