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Friday, July 29, 2016


"Half Roasted" Recipes Can be Spit Roasted
They are most juicy
Photo by: Lord-Williams
medio asado, cubilete (pudding mould),Cat mi-rost, mig-raust and mig rostit,  Ar thabal (tambour), Fr. Miroton, It timballo, Eng timbale, miroton, half baked. Actually, it is changing the cooking method once half cooked. This is one of the most select Catalan inventions and specialties from the 14th and 15th C that modern cookery has preserved completely in Italy, where always it has been adored.

This is a cooking procedure of half boiling and half roasting meat. Brown believes that is of Arab origin but became popular in Italy before it was adapted in Spain but Sent Soví calls for this process in preparing peacock, crane and other birds. It consists of boiling fowl or other food in almond milk seasoned with sugar and cinnamon and thickened with breadcrumbs. Normally, it is a sweet and sour dish with sugar and citrus fruit but Nola only adds sugar. In Catalonia it is roasted first and then boiled while in other regions it is boiled first.

Anón Al-Andalus has a recipe for boiling hen first and then roasting it. After cooking the fowl it is carved and served in soup bowls or timbales with almond milk and seasoned with a little sugar and cinnamon. On other occasions, it is served in a silver closed cylindrical vessel or one made of hard pastry, from which the word cubilete is derived.

Half Roasted and Ready to Carve
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Other recipes for timbales are made with fruit instead of fowl. One of Nola’s is a dessert consisting of pears instead of meat. He considered this one of the finest of medieval dishes.

According to Nola the three most principal dishes of his day were Peacock Sauce, Mirrauste and Blancmange. As per Rudulf Grewe in his study of Sent Soví, the Catalan mig (half)+ raust is from the German rost, i.e. miGreust.Fustuqiyya” or “Fistaqiya, a 9 C Arab recipe consisting of fresh green fava beans and lamb or mutton, which could be for forerunner of this as the meat was boiled and then fried.

Italians have done the same with macaroni. The dish evolved into a sharp onion sauce. Wine or broth replaced the almond milk and tomato sauce was added in the final stages. Today, it appears as a main dish of leftover beef, onions and gherkins or instead of using a pudding mold, fruit or fowl is cooked with Italian pasta. See moxi, carn a la sarraïnesca and manjar blanco.

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For 5 servings 

Heating Almond Milk Mixture
Photo by: Lord-Williams
1 lb 4 oz almonds
1 slice of bread (2 oz) per serving
1 oz cinnamon
½ lb sugar
grease from boiling chicken

¼ c sugar
1 tsp cinnamon


PREHEAT OVEN 350 Fº/175 Cº

Roast chicken until half done, about 20 minutes.

Boil almonds in water. Peel them and toast them. Put them in a food processor and grind them.

The bowl can't be big enough
For this hummy dish!
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Soak a slice of bread in broth. Add this to the almonds and continue grinding. Strain them through a strainer that will leave the sauce thick. Heat this over a burner and add cinnamon. Mix well. Add sugar. Cook stirring constantly with a wooden stick or spoon until thoroughly dissolved.

Remove chicken from the oven and cut it into pieces. Put these in the almond sauce and gently boil the chicken until done.

Put pieces of chicken in soup bowls. Mix the sauce with the grease from boiling the chicken with the sauce and pour this over the chicken. Garnish with sugar and cinnamon and serve.

[1] As only one chicken was used, the quantities of the ingredients were cut in half except for the bread.
[2] One chicken was used instead.

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