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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


355/365 - 21 December 2014 -Jamón Serrano
Photo from: Robert Grounds
1. oak forest. 2. pigs raised among holm and cork oaks. They walk various kilometers per day looking for and eating acorns. After walking for far the pigs’ hooves were black from the soil. Serrano ham is made from the hams of these pigs is called “pata negra” as the quality is superior to hams cured from other pigs. See pata negra, alcornoque and encina. [Penco. 1995:123:142; Ramos. 1990:32; and Serradilla. 1993:145]

The ham alone is a wonderful appetizer. A favorite dish in the summer and fall months is a slice mellon topped with a pieces of serrano ham. Its great as a first course in a meal or cubed melon topped with smaller pieces of ham as an appetizer are equally delicious. 

Slices of Serrano Ham
Photo by: Lord-Williams

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