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Friday, February 3, 2017


Pig mesentery - small intestine
Photo from: angela.seng
palometa, pajarilla, ruffle fat, sometimes called “higadillo” (small liver), because of the liver-red color fat between the caul and lard around encasings of internal organs. Actually, it is not fat, though it is fatty. It is the mesentery of the pig, a fold of the body cavity wall that serves to hold the small intestine in place, but it gives freedom to expand and contract. 

This is rinsed, sliced and for flavor add to soups made during the slaughter. Too after rinsing it can be simmered for about 45 minutes and then sliced and deep-fried like pork rinds. In the Philippines they are served with a vinegar dip containing garlic and salt. See fumaría, lios and pajarilla.

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As ruffle fat is almost impossible to find, no recipe is provided.

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