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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


bees honeycomb
Photo from: muhammad sajid
Ar. ra‘l nahl, Eng. honeycomb. Normally honeycombs are crushed to extract the honey but there are recipes calling for the honeycombs themselves. Hispano-Arabs used them to make honey turron. The Anón Al-Andalus has an excellent 13th century  recipe for “Honeycombed Pancakes.” Long before that, Perry relates that in Knights fritters were soaked in bee’s honey but goes on to relate that honeycombs accompanied prepared dishes in Tunis. The English made metheglin, a honey wine with honeycombs and spices or herbs. [Anón. Al-Andalus. 1966:417:229-230; Drummond. 1964:32; ES: Lord. Medieval Spanish Chef. “colmena.” Mar 5, 13; ES: Renfrow. Jun 16, 04; Perry. “Thousand.” 2001:496; and Silva. 1994:173]

See blog titled “colmena” published March 5, 2013 for the delicious Hispano-Muslim Honeycombed Pancake recipe.

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