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Monday, January 2, 2017


Oyster Shuck 11
Photo from Chop Nester
ostión, ostrón, OCast. ostia, L. Ostrrea edulis, Eng. common oyster; large oysters. Villena relates that the oysters were served to nobility opened and accompanied by a fork to remove the meat. [Nola/Iranzo. 1982:170; and Villena/Calero. 2002:23a:38b]

After selecting fresh oysters smelling like the sea, brush off sand and debris from the shells. Store them on a bed of ice. Do not cover as that would kill them.

Oysters Fresh from the Ocean!
Photo by: Pedro Pablo Montero
When ready to eat shuck oyster shells by inserting an oyster knife into the top part of the shell. Shimmy the knife to cut the aductor mussel on the top and pop it open. Remove the top shell and discard it.

Shimmy the oyster knife along the bottom part of the shell to cut the aductor mussel on that side. Flip the meat taking care not to spill the juice and serve.

The meat may be sprinkled with lemon juice, served with a sauce or eaten as is. They can be eaten using an oyster knife or sucked. If sucking, suck from the top part of the meat to avoid ingesting any possible debris.

Nola lists four ways of preparing oysters: frying in oil, roasting, boiling or cooked with water and oil. See blog titled "laurel" published October 5, 2015 for details. 

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