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Friday, May 19, 2017


Letting Dough Cooling
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Ar. zalābiyya, zalābiya zulâ-biyya, zulābiyya Eng. fried treacles with honey. It is a special desert made in Ramandan for Muslims, during Christmas in Andalusia and Shrovetide in León.

There are various recipes for them. Basically they consist of dough made with flour, with or without yeast, to which water is gradually added to reach the consistence required for churros. The dough is left to ferment and become lighter. Prior to frying cinnamon and other spices are added as desired. The dough is poured through a furrowed funnel, allowing the thickness of a finger and winding it in the shape of rings, into a frying pan. When golden-brown it is removed and the oil is drained off. It is served after sprinkling with sugar and or cinnamon or drizzling clarified honey and fennel juice.

Frying Treacles
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Those described in the Anón Al-Andalus are aromatic ring shaped pastries, which also could be called churros or bizcocho. In Al-Andalus they could include almonds and were sold drowned in honey at Muslim markets.

In the middle of the 14th C, in the Nazari kingdom (in Granada), it appears that it was a customary item in the home. It was used in medicine to ‘soften’ the respiratory tract, digestion and urinary ducts.

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Yummy Soaked in Honey and
Sprinkled with Cinnamon
Photo by: Lord-Williams

½  c oil 
2 tbsp anise liquor
1 ½ c white wine or must (fermented grape juice)  
2 c flour 
oil for frying
½ c honey
1 tsp cinnamon


Heat the oil with the anise and wine. Mix this with the flour in a bowl and knead well. Let cool. Roll out to make the dough thin. Cut it to make oval figures. Fry in very hot oil. When golden brown remove from the frying pan and dip each figure in boiling honey which has been mixed with an equal amount of water. Remove immediately and sprinkle with cinnamon and eat immediately.

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