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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


melegueta pepper
Photo form: Leslie Seaton
Aframomum melegueta, Eng. melegueta pepper, malagueta pepper, grains-of-paradise, a pungent seed of a West African plant. It is related to cardamom, which has a similar odor. The tiny grains have a hot and peppery taste and are used as a spice. As they are inexistent today they can be substituted with black pepper or a combination of black pepper and paprika. Nola calls for this pepper frequently in his recipes. [Anon/Anderson 1962:11:52: 56; ES: Medieval Spanish Chef. malagueta.Feb 5, 16, manera. Feb 22, 15; libra. Nov 27, 15 etc ES: Renfrow. Jun 16, 04; and Nola. 1989:xii-3:xxx-3:xxxix-3 etc]

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