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Friday, July 7, 2017


Piorno (Genista florida)
Ramón Bravo Aliseda
retama blanca, escobón, xiniesta, L. Genista florida, Eng. French broom. The species is called florida for the profusion of nectar flowers that are produced from March through July. The green branches have whitish or grayish tones. It grows in southeastern France, the Iberian Peninsula and northeastern Morocco. It is most abundant in the northern and central Spain and Portugal. It is rare in Andalusia, Teruel, Zaragosa and Castellón. 

Ground broom was an ingredient used in making garum. During the Middle Ages the buds were boiled in wine vinegar or pickled. 

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Rafael dP. Iberia-Hispania
The English added broom to clarified mutton grease for chapped hands and used in lanoline for ewe’s udders during the birthing season. The juice extracted from the plant when crushed was used to kill lice. It is used to dye wool and flax although more commonly used is its relative common woadwaxen, also known as dyers’ greenwood (Genista tinctoria) as a yellow dye for fabrics or when mixed with woad, the dye turns Kendal Green. See almendras amaraga, chivo, compludo, ginestada  iniesta and retama negra

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The Beauty of a Golden Color in a Medieval Dish
Photo by: Lord-Williams

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