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Monday, July 10, 2017


Stirring While the Ginstada Pudding Thickens
Photo by: Lord-Williams
L. Genista versicolor; Cytisus (various colors or changing colors) (previously named Genista baetica or Genista andalusa), Eng. yellow broom. The yellow to brownish flowers of this shrub bloom in June, July or August. It only grows in eastern Andalusia, in the mountain ranges of the provinces of Almeria and Granada. 

In Nola’s recipe for thick mutton stew he calls for egg yolks and saffron to color it like yellow broom. See Almendras Amaraga, Chivo, Compludo, Ginestada and Iniesta.

[Anón. Sent Soví. LVI:100-101; ES: Medieval Spanish Chef. “Cumpludo.” Mar 6, 13; Gran Enci Andalucia. 1979:6:Martínez:2827; and Nola 1989:xxi-2:xxxviii-4: and lxix-2 ]

See blog publications for recipes colored yellow like broom see Medieval Spanish Chef’s blogs titled:

A Pudding called Ginestada 
For the color of the Broom  Flower
A delightful dessert any time of year
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Almendras Amargas published June 8, 2011 for Broom Pudding Recipe adapted from Sent Soví  #LVI Qui Parla Con Se Ffa Ginestrada Ab Let De Amelles, p. 100-101.  

Chivo published December 26, 2012 for Broom-Flower Pudding Recipe, Broom-Flower Pudding adapted from Nola xxi-2 Ginestada; and Iniesta published May 6, 2015 for a variation of the Broom Flower Pudding Reciped adapted from Nola xxi-2. Ginestada.

 “Compludo” published March 6, 2013 for Fried Mutton, Onions And Nuts colored brrom flower yellow with eggs and saffron adapted from Nola’s recipe for Dobladura of Mutton, xxxviii-4.

Ginestada published November 28, 2014 for Broom Flower Pudding adapted from Nola’s  Ginestada lxix-2.

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