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Monday, September 18, 2017


Mock Cheese in White Sauce
Photo by: Lord-Williams
cultural prohibitions in worshiping of the three religions. During medieval Christians fast days were strictly observed. These included Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays, plus Lent and other days in the Christian calendar. This is due to the four humors. As they were thought to warm the body they were thought to diminish one’s ability to concentrate on spiritual values. Food prohibited included meat and its bi-products such as eggs, grease and dairy. 

The Jews had to wash his meat to insure all the blood was removed. The Berbers strictly forbid the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Muslims and Jews could not eat pork, rabbit, scaleless fish or shellfish. 

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See blog titled cebo published September 26, 2012 for a fish dish called
AMock Cheese For Lent adapted from Sent Soví Apè I #67 Formatgades, p 230

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