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Monday, September 25, 2017


Preparing to remove tongue
cutting neck from outside in
Photo by: Lord-Williams
puercos caseros, young, skinny pigs (not a herd of) destined to be fattened and slaughtered for human consumption. As all parts of the pig are used by man for consumption or other purposes, Villena gives a detailed description of each part of the body and how to carve them. For example, after singeing the head, the upper jaw bone is separated from the lower jaw. In this way the tongue can be removed whole. 

Then the head is split into two and the brains are extracted. The ears are cut off at the base. Then the eyes are removed completely. 

The meat on the face is carved into thin wide slices. Pieces are cut off around the nose that are neither meat nor bone. These parts are salted, eaten raw, boiled, baked or marinated. Villena further states that fresh pork from males is better that of females. 

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