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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Removing the hooves
Photo by: Lord-Williams
wild pigs. Villena relates that the best part is the meat on the shoulder blades. The meat is skinned and cut into stripes, half cooked and left unseasoned. Later it is eaten after boiling and roasting if desired. It is cut into four parts. Then rump, legs, ribs and breasts are carved in the same manner as the cow. 

The hooves are removed by cutting the joint nearest the hoof and pillng the hoof back breaking the tendos. Then the hoof is chopped off and saved. 
With the head, they are   are eaten boiled and skinned. These are cut like veal. 

The kidneys and loins are carved into small pieces. Uneatable parts, such as the hair, are made into brushes and fangs are made into jewelry. 3. boars. See carner, cerdo and lechon. [ES: Lord-Williams. “Cochinillo.” Mar 13, ’13: “Comida de Encarga.”  Aug 22, 13:”Costillas.” Aug 26, ’13 etc.; Sanz. 1967: 51; Sas. 1976:514; and Villena/Calero. 2002:31b-32a35b]

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