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Friday, September 22, 2017


A Pig Before the Slaughter
Photo by: Lord-Williams
pigs. Pork was eaten fresh or salted. The body is divided into cuts as mutton. The hooves were boiled and marinated. The internal organs were cut like those of mutton and stuffed in the same way as mutton. See cerdo.and untos. [ES: Lord-Williams. “Aguardiente.” Nov 4. ’10: “Carcavo.” Aug 15, ’12:”Casar Chorizos.” Sep 4, ’12 etc.; and Villena/Calero. 2002:22b:31b-32b]

The Medieval Spanish Chef has adapted various sauces for pork have been adapted from Grewe’s translation of Anón Sen Soví Nos. LXXXVIIII, CXXI, XXVIII etc.  Further, over two dozen recipes involving pork have been published by the Medieval Spanish Chef. Of recipes not cited above but that were noted for their excellence include:  MRSamper’s “Torta de chicharrones” (Crackling Cake Recipe) published in blog titled “Choricera”  published Dec 31, ’12; and the Medieval Spanish Chef’s recipe for chorizo published Feb 1, ’13. 

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