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Friday, March 2, 2018


Food, Fish, Red Mullet, ice
Photo from: Gabriel Gabriel
barbarin, barbardina, barbo del mar, salmonente de roca, L. Mullus surmuletus, Eng. surmullet, red mullet. The edible flesh of this fish has been highly prized since ancient Roman times. It is found in fresh and salt water along the Atlantic from the British Isles to Morocco and in the Mediterranean.

It is especially known in Galician ports and the Ría de Arosa. It is not big. The average length is 10-12”. It is characterized by reddish or golden scales and two long barbells on the chin. It can be eaten all year round but is best when eggs are forming in the summer. When red mullet dies, it rapidly changes color. It is beautiful to watch. The meat is firm and very different from the grey mullet.

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