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Friday, March 23, 2018


Picorillo, A Colorful Dish with a Vinaigrette
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Ar. tahineh, vinegar sauce. Vinegar with oil and spices has been used to marinate meat and as a sauce when cooking meat. 

It was used in pharmaceutical preparations by mading into a syrup or mixing it with wild onions. Pure white vinegar is used with green grapes and added in sweet dishes; vinegar is necessary in dishes when a crust is formed. 

Vinegar does not damage the stomach. It gives strength and flavor to whatever is combined with it when used to relieve or to decrease fever. 

When vinegar is added to skigag, it reinforces the acidity a great deal, and it regulates acidity when used with sweets and greasy foods. It was combined with green grapes and used as a pure sauce, not mixed with water, for sweet dishes. [Anón/Huici.1966:14:21-22:16:23:129:88 etc; and Austin. 1964:77]

See blog title “picorillo” published April 24, 2017 for Huici’s recipe #14 A Vinaigrette and  blog titled “jato” published July 6, 2015 for #16 A Sweetened Vinaigrette.

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