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Friday, April 13, 2018


Photo from: Mahesh Mishra
OCast soma, Eng. bran, wheat bran, branny outer layer of wheat. It is the coarsest outer layer of the husk covering wheat, barley, or other grains, which is separated from the flour after milling. 

"Royal Fava Beans"
Photo by: Lord-Williams
In the Middle Ages, the bran was removed before cooking the grain. The method for doing this is explained in Nola’s recipe for groats. 

In Al-Andalus, it was used to make couscous grains. Further north, in the days of Juan Ruíz, bran bread was one of the few foods shepherds took to the mountains with them while watching over their flocks. Too it was a grain fed to livestock to fatten them up for the slaughter. Further, it was squeezed into bath water to relieve insect bites.Wheat and other brans are consumed today for their dietary fiber, which prevent constipation or relieve chronic constipation. 

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