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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hairy Woodpecker at Feeder #3
From: Clyde's Pics
suet, fat, hard solid grease extracted from lamb, beef, goat and other animals or fowl. Fatty areas without veins or arteries are heated to clarify until the fat liquefies. It is strained and left to harden. Hard, solid and crumbly fat is found around kidneys and loins of animals

This is melted down to make tallow candles and for cooking. Mutton fat was clarified with vinegar to remove the muttony taste. Lemon juice was added when warmed and creamed before serving. Suet is used to grease tins and griddles, in meat, poultry and fish dishes, in pie crusts and cake making. 

A Perfect Dish for Grand Occasions
Photo by: Pedro Pablo Montero

Avenzoar advised that suet from cranes is good for illnesses caused by cold. That of camels is the thickest, which gives the impression that it has solidified when hot. He also claims that hedgehog suet alleviates pain caused by cold. It is useful against tetanus and facial paralysis. He continues that if mixed with balm and rubbed on the penis, it will become excited. 

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For Nola's recipe xxv-2, Thick Gourds in Meat Broth,  see blog titled "novia," published November 11, 2016.

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