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Friday, June 1, 2018


Calamari at the Mercado Central Santiago, Chile
Photo by: Lord-Williams
jibia, choco, OCast gibia, xibia, Ast. xibia,Cat. cípies, L. Sepia officinalis, Eng. cuttlefish, a mollusk with a depressed body enclosed in a sac. It has ten sucker-bearing arms and a hard internal shell. It has the power of ejecting a black ink-like fluid from a bog or sac, so as to darken the water and conceal itself when in danger. 

It lives in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Methods for cooking are the same as for squid but it should not be confused with that as it has a totally different physical build and taste. 

Frying Caramari Rings
Photo by: Lord-Williams
Sent Soví has two recipes and Nola gives one for a cuttlefish pottage that is slowly fried, boiled and fried and served in sauce similar to Sent Soví’ssecond recipe using toasted bread soaked in vinegar, chopped mint, sage, parsley and ground ginger, pepper, saffron and chopped onion. Nola adds nuts and raisins instead of herbs, spices, bread and onion. Sent Soví’sfirst recipe is like a fish soup today. See calamarand diurético

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See blog titled Langostafor Sent Soví recipe for sautéed lobster with cuttlefish and calamari published September 11, 2015 and blog titled Calamari with 14thcentury recipe for stuffed and baked squid. 

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