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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Etna - Sorbo degli uccellatori
(Sorbus aucuparia)

Photo by: Luigi Strano

serbaserbalsorba,L. Dorbus aucuparia, Fr.sorbier des montlagnes d’Europe, sorbier des oiseleursorarbrc á grives,  Eng. European mountain ash. Bushes and trees of this genus are natives in the northern hemisphere. They are cultivated for the beauty of their white flowers and bright scarlet berries. 

Geese Fleeing from the Roast
Photo by: Lord-Williams
The berries are kept in straw or hung until they mature and turn yellow. Then they are sun dried and eaten in spite of their acid taste or ground to powder and drunk in water. Both ways, they serve as an astringent. Although rarely used medically in Spain, it was thought ash purifies boils; relieves coughing, bronchial colds, hoarseness, and gout; increases urination; and starts menstruation. Further, for its rich supply of Vitamin C (0.8 gms. per kilogram), it has been used to treat scurvy. In the kitchen, the berries are made into marmalade or stewed with quantities of sugar to combat diarrhea. 

The English make ashberry jelly and serve it with venison. Hispano Arabs transmitted the Persian tradition of cooking geese covered fresh fruit such as pears or ashberries to Christian Spain. 

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