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Monday, July 9, 2018


Rolling out Kneaded Dough
Photo by: Lord-Williams

ablandarloOCast souarlo,Eng.to knead it, soften it, to add lard it, oil or dough during the kneading process. Actually this means dipping hands in grease when kneading dough.

Granado, in Libro del Arte de Cozina(1599), gives several recipes for meat and fish pastries. His pastelof meat in "oxaldre" has a bottom crust of flour and water, kneaded for half an hour until it is firm, and a top crust of leaf-pastry. 

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[Medieval Spanish Chef. “cobertor.” Feb 27, 13; Ibn Razīn/Granja.1960:1:19:60:22:86:23; Nola/Iranzo. 1982:171; and Sas. 1976:590]

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