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Friday, July 13, 2018


Slowly Frying Turnovers
Photo  by: Lord-Williams

socarrarOCast soffreyr, Cat. sosenga, sohenga, Eng to fry slowly over low heat. (This was very typical in Catalan cooking.) to burn, to scorch, to stick to the bottom of the vessel, to toast. To obtain eatable parts from the head of the pig that has been singed to remove the hair see chamuscar and sofritoFor different versions of Nola's recipe xvii-2 Potaje de adobado de gallina and Janet de gallinas (Chicken Janet) at: Cedazo published October 10, 2012; Destemplar published December 27, 2016; and Janet published June 22, 2015. 
See sofrito. [Anón/Grewe. 1979:CCVI:209:ftn 3; Lladonosa. 1984:159; Nola. 1989.xvii-2; Nola/Pérez. 1994:211] 

See the following blogs for different versions of Nola's recipe xvii-2 Potaje de adobado de gallina and Janet de gallinas (Chicken Janet) at: Cedazo published October 10, 2012; Destemplar published December 27, 2016; and Janet 
published June 22, 2015.

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  1. If you make this dish over high heat, you will not be able to get the necessary crust consistency and just burn it.

  2. These niceties in national cuisine are very interesting. We can even think of the life of the ancestors, knowing how they were supposed to cook their food centuries ago.

  3. The only best chance to cook it well is to strictly follow the recommendations given above! In such a way, you will receive what you want to receive!