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Friday, July 20, 2018


Photo from: José Martín Peñatel
OCast solrrayo, Cat. salroig, L. Odontaspis ferox. Eng. smalltooth sand tiger.  The dorsal is gray-brown or a medium gray. It can have ochre spots on the flanks and dorsum. Underneath, it is pale gray or white with dusty colored botches, which are present also on the pelvic fins. It is a stocky shark. The female can grow to be 360 cm long but in general they are about 300 cm. The male averages some 275 cm in length. It is not well known as it lives at least 420 m below sea level. Due to a weak, unserrated tooth structure, it diets on small fishes, crustaceans and squid. Villena indicates that it was eaten in medieval Spain but being a large, tough fish, the meat was carved into pieces. [ES: Shark Gallery. Mar 27, 03; and Villena/Calero. 2002:23a:37b]  

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  1. You have clearly described those points that distinguish this particular type of fish from others and will help you clearly identify it among other species.